Backstage Beauty at our campaign photoshoot

Backstage Beauty at our campaign photoshoot
Backstage beauty.
Butterflies in the stomach.
First official photoshoot. First Kiss.
Hundreds of photoshoots in the past. This one - the future.
Mood board.
Familiar place. Familiar faces. Friends in the making.
Adrenalin meets peace.
Brush meets balm meets lips.
White. Peach. Natural light.
Creamy texture. Strong features. Soft touch.
Red hair. Black hair. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. Freckles.
Analogue sound. Radio. Laughter.
Sun. Skin. Sunset.
Love. Bubbles. Happy butterflies.
Thank you to our lovely team!
Muses: Dessy Savova at Ivetfashion, Chami Nguyen and Maria Fernanda Suarez
Photography: Georgi Andinov
Creative & Makeup: Alina Manova
Videographer: Tihomira Krumova
Makeup support: Velislava Velkova
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