About us


LOVALINE is a space where we would create a portfolio of essentials and everyone is invited!

We are all about Clever Beauty. For us this means:

  • multifunctional products 
  • great ingredients                      
  • exceptional formulas 
  • quality over quantity
  • self expression and creativity 

We believe that Beauty is more than one thing.
You are more than one thing.
Through makeup we aim to give love to your features.

LOVALINE shares effortless beauty & lifestyle inspired by the professional practice of a MUA - our founder Alina Manova.


 About Alina

Alina Manova is a Professional Makeup Artist for over 16 years.

She gathered experience and explored every aspect of makeup artistry - editorial, beauty, commercial, consulting, tv, celebrity and so on… to arrive to this next destination of creating an essential beauty edit, where love is the main inspiration.

 “Love has always fascinated me as a phenomenon, ever since I was a child.
I think it’s a driving force like no other and not beauty, but love stands a chance to save the world we live in.
I always find myself so moved by people’s love stories and the name of the brand came instantly. I would be so happy if our products are used by everyone - artists, lawyers, medics, pilots, chefs, teachers, editors, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sons, just everyone - I really hope you enjoy!
Thank you for being here with me! “